Description: A light and happy theme with rhythm section and strings.

Description: Solo piano rhythm background, thoughtful and concerned.

Description: Light string open into moving background with piano.

Description: Warm and sensitive solo piano portrait.

Description: Warm and light solo piano piece.

Description: Old School Vintage style blues rock song with a swung drum beat and catchy lead.

Description: Breaking Down The Blues doesn't mess around. It kicks off with a rocking electric guitar riff and leads into a good old blues rock jam. Classic bluesy harmonica solos, sizzling electric guitar leads, and tickled ivories come together with a solid rhythm and blues backing band to create the perfect blues band experience. Perfect for any videos or projects in need of a standard, but high quality, blues rock song. Being just an instrumental song also leaves room for vocals to be added for any shows in need of a featured "blues band" with specific lyrics added

Description: Blues Harmonica, Free-wheelin traveling music, attitude, confident gritty, Sexy, Humid, Macho

Description: Swamp Rock, Blues Harmonica, Jungle Rock, Southern, Swagger, Humid, Macho, Attitude