Description: Slow Blues track with raunchy electric guitar, organ and laid-back drum/bass groove. Sleak and sexy.

Description: Orchestral New Age Industrial Light Slow Laid-Back Casual Moderate Calm Gentle Peaceful Tranquil Warm Love Loving Care Caring Human Happy Happiness Positive Piano Strings Background Love Rural Pastoral Morning American Politics Elections Television TV Radio Advertizing Panorama Films.

Description: Gentle variation of theme from ww700188 with piano and strings.

Description: A light and happy theme with rhythm section and strings.

Description: Solo piano rhythm background, thoughtful and concerned.

Description: Light string open into moving background with piano.

Description: Warm and sensitive solo piano portrait.

Description: Warm and light solo piano piece.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Electric

Description: Big Blues Band Background - clockwork, energetic rhythm and blues track featuring brass section, massive drums, electric guitars, bass and classic riffs of grand piano.