Description: Spooky,swampy low tuned guitar with slide.

Description: Alternate version of ww700106, longer spot length.

Description: An upbeat rockin-blues track with blues guitar lines, piano licks and driving drums.

Description: Western, Western, Nature, Traveling, Struttin, Carefree, Pleasant, in a Mysterious, Adventurous mood, featuring Guitar, Slide, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: Raw blues in tradition of the great Texas guitar-slingers like T-Bone and Stevie Ray. Electric guitars, bass and drums.

Description: News theme open with rhythm section and orchestra.

Description: Laidback piano, upright bass and percussion play bluesy A/B pattern with simple melodic hooks reminiscent of traditional jazz. Suggested for underscoring bar scenes, comic relief, commercials and media spots. Also for friendly, helpful public service announcements. Key of C, 113 beats/min

Description: Electric bass, bluesy slide guitar, and snapping fingers evoke a feeling of the coolest, smooth-talkingest hand on the dude ranch.

Description: Western, Western, Struttin, Pleasant, Relaxed, Adventure, Nature, Traveling, in a Mysterious, Adventurous mood, featuring Harmonica, with a Mid tempo