Description: Relaxing classical violin Loop for your projects. Please note the other works in my portfolio

Description: Southern Soul, R&B, Soul, Groove, Down Home Blues, Night Club, Relax, Chill, Juke Joint, Dance, Boogie, Shuffle, Shag, Southern States, Delta, Piano, Guitar, Harmonica solo, Orchestrated Strings, Southern Bass, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: instrumental perfect for songwriters. also perfect for use in independent films, video games, and other forms of visual media.

Description: Wreck is a song that describes a series of events of natural origin (earthquakes, landslides, cyclones, meteorite impact). And 'suitable for documentaries, movie scenes and different forms of advertising.

Description: The story of a happy family on vacation turns into a dramatic nightmare. This instrumental song has a great emotional effect, also suitable for documentaries, film scenes and experimental music

Description: Smooth blues track in a melancholic mood. Featured instruments are guitar, e-organ and brass. Good for advertising or different kind of videos.

Description: distorted guitar sent into oscilation for interesteng sound effect

Description: The shortened 60 second version. The clock is ticking the time. Your dream is unsettling. In it, all of your experiences: cares and worries, joys and pains. But I'm with you there. Instruments: acoustic bass, guitar, drums, timpani, recorder, vibraphone, percussion

Description: Slow Blues track with groovy bass guitars, organ, guitar and laid-back drums. Sleak and sexy.

Description: A slow and simmering deep in the pocket Chicago style blues loose interpretation of the bar room classic in a 12-8 feel. Tenor sax is featured on the melody, followed by a Muddy Waters electric guitar lead and the final chorus the horn section takes it out. Nice groove for bluesy media projects.