Description: Blues, Feel Good, Happy, Mellow, Leisure, Laid Back, Positive, Peaceful, Smooth, in a Positive, Fun, Happy mood, featuring Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Western, Western, Struttin, Pleasant, Relaxed, Adventure, Nature, Traveling, in a Mysterious, Adventurous mood, featuring Bass, Conga, Guitar, Harmonica, with a Mid tempo

Description: Jazz-Piano, Jazz, Blues, Cocktail, Bouncy, Nostalgic, Relaxed, Feel Good, Fun, in a Playful, Fun, Adventurous mood, featuring Piano, with a Mid tempo

Description: Blues Solo Acoustic Guitar Slide Slow

Description: Blues Rock Vocals Guitar Vocal Electric Male Mid

Description: Groovy Rock Blues Energetic Exciting Lead Guitar Powerful

Description: Blues Rock Guitar Reflective Electric Emotional

Description: Blues Guitar Light Reflective Electric Keyboard Strings

Description: Laid Back Mellow Reflective Simple Traveling Western

Description: Blues, Confident, Determined, Positive, Struttin, in a Positive, Confident mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Piano, Organ, Acoustic, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo