Description: This is easy accoustic guitar composition, where i played some minor folk guitar sketch. Loop Size 4\4 Tempo 80 bpm Tonality in F

Description: This is easy accoustic guitar composition, where i played some minor sevent`s chords by syncopation. Tonality in C. Tempo by 140. Size 4\4. Loop

Description: Blues jam featuring Dobro, Bass, Piano and Drums. Interesting without being distracting. Great for any presentation or documentary needing a bluesy background.

Description: This soulful and longing music bed is a slow to medium tempo blues trio. It has a traditional sound with discreetly featured sorrowful electric slide guitar solo. The track form is a 12 bar blues with 5 choruses and a 4 bar intro

Description: Familiar blues progression but with a unique banjo tone.

Description: A sweet, slow, nostalgic, romantic, slightly melancholic pop track featuring a simple electric guitar solo, an acoustic guitar arpeggio, wurlitzer piano and percussion, maracas, claves, kick drum and an elegant electric guitar arpeggio.

Description: Warm, joyful, positive, acoustic, inspirational, motivational instrumental track inspired to country-rock. A nature inspired composition featuring acoustic strumming guitars and guitar solo.

Description: Melodic, joyful, hopeful, positive, serene, inspirational, motivational acoustic guitars track inspired to folk, acoustic, country, acoustic-rock music . A nature inspired composition that fits perfectly with confidence, wellness, kids, friends, pic nic, walking, biking, countryside, relax, enthusiasm scenes, videos, images or stories.

Description: An elegant, romantic, slow, electric guitar solo, a chorused gentle arpeggio and a relaxed acoustic guitar describe a quiet and dreamy place or situation. This is a loop-ready file.

Description: Original blues melody played on solo acoustic guitar. Great for anything needing a mellow acoustic bluesy vibe.