Description: Sexy slide guitar over typical band setup sounding like it was recorded in the 60s. Powerful and melodic, slowly going into a more cinematic mode over time. Strings and trumpets give it an extra emotional touch. 6/8 tempo.

Description: A cool blues telling guys to stay clear of a woman, even though she is beautiful and tempting cos she got a reputation for breaking hearts. Male Vocals, Rock, Blues

Description: a great modern wailin' blues that asks if its better to give up on love than hang in there for the wrong reasons, Male Vocals, Rock, Blues Rock

Description: cool country blues song groovy beat

Description: A great new blues song telling the story of a girl undecided about continuing a relationship. The male vocal is insisting there no reason for doubt or holding back and that she should not try to hide her feelings by throwing out hints or clues but tell it like it is lyrics by Tim Earle, Male Vocals, Blues, Country Blues

Description: This is a highly original new blues number, saying everything about the desperation of a night on the demon drink!.... And the inevitable regrets that come with the morning after! vocals by Siggi Sig from Iceland, lyrics by Tim Earle. Male Vocals, Blues, Chicago Blues

Description: Chicago Blue is a new and dramatic blues song. Moody and thematic, it tells the story of going to the place where the heartache of lost love can be eased with the right kind of music. The song is appropriate for a movie or tv show. Male Vocals, Blues, Chicago Blues