Description: Blues Solo Acoustic Guitar Slide Slow

Description: Alternate version of ww700106, spot.

Description: Short alternate version of ww700154.

Description: Comedy blues performed by Big Band and harmonica. This positive track can be used for comedy TV shows, serials, movies and much more.

Description: Laid Back, slow and mellow Blues music. Other mixes and variations available, including Full, Alternative, 15 Second, 30 Second, 60 Second and Stinger! Hard and rocking Blues music from the Deep south! Classic Blues sound with real Blues rocking guitars played through real valve guitar amps. A real and authentic vintage blues rock sound.

Description: Electric guitar blues-rock, sultry, slow, sexy, swagger, grinding, traditional

Description: Blues, guitar rock, energy, swagger, charismatic, crunchy

Description: Blues, guitar duel, rock, shuffle, walking bass, attitude, edgy, swagger

Description: instrumental, electric guitars, rock, classic rock, adventurous, bouncy, bright, carefree, cars, confident, determined, driving, energetic, excited, fun, feelgood, feeling good, good mood, happy, friendship, retro, inspiring, joyful, jolly, lively, motivated, optimistic, positive, playful, reggae, spirited, upbeat, uplifting, funky, sunny, lighthearted, free, road trip, travel, happy go lucky, lifestyle, reality tv, corporate, commercial, good times, optimistic, hopeful,

Description: Electric, Blues, Rock, Guitar, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, Chicago, Crying Guitar, Down and Blue, Stevie Ray Vaughn

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