Description: This fun-filled circus theme loops seamlessly. It has three sections that feature accordion, strings, and a pipe organ. It has a sense of fun, grace, and just a hint of danger!

Description: This song features a driving, percussive marching snare drum that moves the action perpetually forward. It starts with a bold trumpet melody, followed by a contemplative finger-picked acoustic guitar with light strings, and ends with a subtle electric guitar accent note for texture. Western Soundtrack conjures up the imagery of people riding boldly into the sunset with courage, but with a hint of danger. Perhaps a conflict could be on the horizon! The track seamlessly loops, so it's perfect for games, film introductions or credits or anything else that could use a bit of Spaghetti Western flair.

Description: This fun, upbeat and quirky looping tune features improvised electronic percussion of computer noises mixed in with a light choir sound in the background. It's perfect for background music in games, websites or demonstrations that need a bit of a retro sound, but still modern and engaging.

Description: This simple, elegant song evokes a calming cup of hot tea in a vibrant and busy British city. It features a solo oboe with light strings and gentle timpani accents. The mood is calming, and would be the perfect fit for videos that need simple charm or a bit of posh patina. It could be used for scenes of the countryside or even something as simple a children's story time theme.

Description: This song is a fun, catchy dance groove loop filled with optimistic promise! It features analog-style synth leads, an upbeat jumpy bass line, and a bit of light strings and piano on the second round. There is some fun digital percussion and hand claps as well. It has a bit of a retro vibe, but is still modern in its production. This song has two versions included; the first includes the synth melody, and the second is without the melody. Both can be joined end to end for a seamless edit. This song would be perfect for games, videos or presentations that need a positive vibe.