Description: Slightly mysterious and with a scense of humour. Featuring a marimba, piano and bongos. A fun tune for a colorful story. Great for cartoons and video games.

Description: Another boring day in the toy factory. This piece is an ear candy. Full of twists, clicks and clanks and wrapped into a magical well crafted fairy-tale. Featuring cello, Glock and various percussion. Perfect for animations and games.

Description: A fun and playful tune full of good mood and cosmic elements. It's like taking a peaceful stroll on the milky way. Great for cartoons and video games

Description: Fun and easy going spacey theme. Carefree and futuristic. In the mood of travelling the milky way on a cartoon spaceship. Featuring a marimba and various synths. Suitable for video games, cartoons and children related content.

Description: A jumpy tune with chiptune like sounds. Cautious, a bit mysterious and super fun. Suitable for games, cartoons and animations Featuring a catchy melody and a lot of fun sounds.

Description: A cool mix between raggae, 8bit style music and dubstep. The combination creates a bit melancholic down tempo track with fat juicy beat and a retro sound. Suitable for comedy, games, and themes. Featuring retro synth instruments.

Description: A bit quirky and very catchy chiptune with retro synth style instrument. A bit melancholic and fun to listen to. Suitable for comedies, cartoons and indie video games

Description: Fun and playful. Cozy and full of good spirit. Featuring marimba, organ, pizzicato strings and an organ. Great for apps, games and animations.

Description: Cute and delicate jazzy tune. Fun walking upright bass accompanied by Fender Rhodes chords and xylophone. Suitable for cartoons and video games.

Description: This one is fast and biting! Rough synths and loud drums - this piece is pure action; suitable for computer games and fight scenes. If you want some blood pressure rising, give it a try.