Description: Industrial and electronic, "Mechanical Marvel" is a musical ride through a modern assembly plant... perhaps while the machines dance a little. With a basic trance rhythm, the power behind this score is the percussion. This is a strong cue for any construction, technology, or team building project.

Description: Fun and upbeat, "Social Media" is the quirky electronic sound of metaphorical terabytes of data dancing along the tubes of the interwebs. It's a great track for any tech project, computer blogs, fast forward montages, or even a children's video. This piece is sometimes inspiring, sometimes silly, sometimes dramatic - but always in motion.

Description: In the style of classic cartoons and animation, "Sneaky Comedy" is exactly what you imagine it to be. With plucky, short notes, this cue has that goofy, slightly mysterious slapstick vibe we all know and love. It is super easy to edit or loop if you need to. The 2nd half of the track features a sly yet smooth clarinet line with a jazzy tone to it. Perfect for puppy videos.