Description: An aggressive and powerful looping track featuring electric guitar, bass, vocal synth and intense drums/percussion, all creating a gritty and determined atmosphere . C minor, 170 bpm.

Description: A calm but aggressive retro synth track that uses distorted electric guitar, heavy drums and synth bass to create a determined yet isolated atmosphere. C minor, 85 bpm.

Description: An aggressive and fast-paced action track that uses electric guitar, heavy drums and percussion, mixed with a driving synth bass, to push the tension. C minor, 150 bpm.

Description: A confident and determined retro sci-fi loop, driven by synth bass and heavy drums with pads and percussion adding to the steady rhythm, creating a space-based military atmosphere. D minor, C Major, 95 bpm.

Description: A driven retro synth loop with electric guitar, synth bass and drums that creates an atmosphere of solemn duty in a dystopian world. B minor, 100 bpm.

Description: A dark, bleak and driving, looped electronic track featuring hard-hitting drums, distorted guitar and synth pads and bass, creating a sci-fi atmosphere. E minor, 125 bpm.

Description: An aggressive and driven synth loop that features heavy drums, low percussion, electric guitar and synth bass to create a bleak but epic and forceful action atmosphere. B minor, 152 bpm.

Description: A fast, aggressive synthesised rock track, featuring distorted guitar, gated drums and an assortment of synths to create a futuristic action atmosphere. C minor, 100 bpm (intro and outro), 150 bpm (middle).

Description: A driving, percussive electronic dance track featuring real and electronic percussion layered together alongside synth bass and lead, creating an intense track suitable for racing. G minor,150 bpm.

Description: A slowed down, funkier variation of 'Sci-fi Rock Attack'. This aggressive synthesised funk rock track features distorted guitar, funky drums and an assortment of synths to create a futuristic atmosphere. C minor, 110 bpm.

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