Description: all you need for a corporate or video game construction kit intro loops stems end video games arcade 3x1'00' and 6 stems_Master.mp3

Description: OSC (instrumental vibe underground music)

Description: Love Don't Love Nobody (instrumental vibe)

Description: Going West (instrumental vibe)

Description: Gaming On Ya (instrumental Hip-Hop vibe.)

Description: Daddy's House (instrumental music)

Description: Automatic Stiches ( Hip-Hop instrumental vibe )

Description: Music piece with folk and medieval elements. The combination of the brilliant flute sound and the tribal ancient percussion creates a bright and epic ambience, suitable for video games and other projects associated with the medieval period. This track loops seamlessly.

Description: Very comical, happy track with carefree, playful feel. Simple beat and quirky synths - great for childish and humorous use!

Description: Pop track with joyful melodies, easy rhythm and pleasant mood. It features drums, percussion, bass, piano, background choir, pizzicato strings and a wide variety of synth sounds. Great for videos, tv, commercials, corporate projects, video games and more.

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