Description: Cheeky comic style track suggests a tip-toe movement of perhaps a cartoon character or something funny about to happen.

Description: Technical electronic loop using various synths, beats, and modern effects to create a digital futuristic atmosphere. Very useful as backing music for product launch.

Description: Electronic keyboard phrases and digital synths combine to create a hi-tech style track. Frequent retro sound effects suggest video game style theme, very useful for handheld gaming, Apps or puzzle games.

Description: Modern synthetic elements incorporate strong orchestral phrases which suggest something powerful rising to a build up to a last stand/final battle scenario.

Description: Contemporary logo with airy swirl effect building to solid chord. Contains background radio signal effect, suggesting data transmission or hi tech communication system.

Description: Glockenspiel and strings play gently behind flute to create a mysterious story tale style track.

Description: A short chirpy childish kids piece created for short presentations suggesting happiness, fun and playfulness. Very useful for commercial presentations and website sound effects.

Description: Perky flute and chimes play a quirky friendly melody suggesting a happy and joyful scene, which is overlaid with orchestral and symphonic strings providing a warm friendly atmosphere suggesting fun times, children playing, small animals or cartoon animation melody.

Description: Upbeat flowing strings combined with electronic keyboard chords provide a very futuristic fast paced track suitable for product or technology launch for background presentations or corporate themes. Track contains digital synths with half step drum beat which suggests time, movement or motion.

Description: High pitched keyboard chords backed by a heavy bass beat and break beat style drums create an eerie horror track useful for video game background.

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