Description: intro with industrial atmosphere to become fantasy listen to understand. very impact sound for film or tv event.

Description: percussion combined with the sweetness of clarinet gives us a brief but intense moment of peace.

Description: the title song says everything listen..... pure energy....really pure energy.

Description: squeeky sounding uptempo.

Description: symphonic,electronic strategic theme.

Description: typical platform game underscore.

Description: A beat driven intro section with underlying synth leads into soaring strings over a tech style big beat. Brass hits add to the classic sound, and the bold, majestic feel stems from orchestral and electronic styles fitting neatly together. Dramatic and sweeping, heroic with a grand mood.

Description: military jungle mystery with rock drums and swirling orchestra hits.

Description: at the palace of the emperor is an epic orchestral theme that pays tribute to the great legend of zelda scores.