Description: Acoustic Claps it is a bouncy, quirky and positive track, happy melody with ukulele, acoustic guitar, claps, tambourines, bells, piano, simple drums. Perfect for background music, presentations, enterprises, podcasts, inspiring corporate video, YouTube montages and more.

Description: Bright, airy, fun playful and whimsical little song with tuba, bassoon, flute and percussion. Funny adventures. Tricky Pirates. Platform video games. Magical forest. Playful adventurous fun! Background music for all kinds of video games, tales, stories and cartoons.

Description: Chip tune music für retro video games. It has a happy and funny sound.

Description: Bold and suspicious. Spacey Fender Rhodes chordes accompanied by swinging piano low keys. In this dark comedy, it's spy vs spy. Great for comedies and children movies

Description: Get fired up with this amazing Heroic 8 Bit loop track! Can you hear the calling? Is it your time to ascend, and be the Hero? YES IT IS! Great for gaming vlogs, comedy sketches, minecraft videos and so much more! Check back to HeatleyBros channel for more new music!

Description: An electronic based track with a driving bassline, upbeat funky drumloop and overlaid with dramatic strings. Using synth elements and emotional string parts, it has bags of atmosphere and moves gradually towards an edgy climax.

Description: Haunting harp and distant piano create a sense of mystery and uncertainty.

Description: feel the future of electronic new age sound. high end analogue synthesizers with mind blowing percussion.

Description: Avast, me hearties! An epic pirate themed audio track that portrays swash-buckle adventures on the high seas, with swords, guns, cannons, treasures, maps, and dead man’s chest.

Description: Positive disco-house track in a good mood. Featured instruments are strings, synth leads and electric guitars. Good for fashion video or advertising.