Description: These clans have always been at enemy with each other. Now they are striving for power, and this war is gonna be epic. The music track creates tense atmosphere of battle. Strings, synths, brass, drums and woods help to make this dramatic piece for video game, movie, film trailer.

Description: 8 bit game instrumental with a fun sort of spook feel to it....really good for games or advertisement

Description: Very dramatic piece that gives a feeling of danger,fear and inevitability,. Starting with woods solo, it transfers into epic music track for video games, blockbusters, film trailers. Among with woods you can meet here drums, brass, strings and synths.

Description: Orcish horde is preparing for attack. These immensly powerful creatures will come down hard on anyone they meet. The track creates tense atmosphere. It is a great background for video game, movie, teaser. We created this tune with drums, brass, woods, strings, synths and voises.

Description: An optimistic, positive and calm song with instrumental elements such as guitar, ukulele, bass and percussion that give an ambience of happiness and fun for your ads, commercial projects, holiday videos, family memories, vlogs and much more.

Description: Bright cinematic music track for movies, video games, historical blockbusters and more. The instruments here are drums, brass, woods, strings and synths. They create atmoshpere you expect in project about military campaign, adventure, magical world.

Description: Dark cinematic piece that brings suspence and fear to your project. Drums, strings and synths make atmospheric amnious melody great for horror movie, film trailer, video game, teaser and more.

Description: Dramatic soundtrack for action movie, video game, film trailer and more. The piece brings feeling of danger with tense epic melody. We used drums, brass, woods, strings and synths to create this atmospheric composition for your project.

Description: Dramatic piece for film trailer, movie, video games. It makes you think of dwarves mining in mountain. This music track was created with drums, brass, woods, strings, synths and voice.

Description: 8 BIT game track great for video games or advertisement