Description: A retro, 80s sounding track with a gated drumbeat with cowbell, synth pads, groovy bass line, synth brass and electric keyboard riffs with A and B sections that modulate in pitch and texture, all in all creating a determined and optimistic atmosphere. C minor, 120 bpm.

Description: A fun, retro electronic track with funky bass lines, synth pad chords, arpeggiated leads, 80s drums and cowbell that captures a sense of exploration and adventure. D minor, 140 bpm.

Description: A driving, yet minimal track that features soprano saxophone playing a hopeful and motivational melody over a determined backing of piano, synth and drums. 75 bpm, C min, G min, F Maj.

Description: A short introductory track using horn melodic harmonies, string arpeggio's and percussion to create a determined, wartime feel. This second variation makes use of more complex percussion beats, layered to to drive the rhythm towards a climax. A minor, 120 bpm.

Description: A driving electronic track that features chords layered by piano, electric guitar and keyboard with a pulsing bass line, gated drums and a delayed melody line played by piano and synth; all giving a sense of achievement, determination and courage. C Major, 80 bpm.

Description: A dark synthesized track with a hopeful chorus section. A strong use of melody, harmony and rhythm add complexity to a minimal track, which includes original vocals. 100 bpm, C minor.

Description: An optimistic and confident electronic track that mixes drums, keyboard and synthesizers to create a positive mood. 120 bpm, Bb minor, Eb Major.

Description: This powerful track is made up of synth pads, drums, percussion, brass, strings, piano and electric guitar to create an intense, rhythmic, military-like mood. 100 bpm, D minor.

Description: An expressive track that uses sustained chords on the strings to underlay the sad and beautiful melody on the piano, all creating a reflective, melancholic and poignant piece. 95 bpm, F minor.

Description: A calm and meditative track that uses the relaxing sound of synth pads along with guitar, bass and drums to provide a foundation for two saxophones to counter each other with beautiful melodies. 100 bpm, C minor, F Major, Ab Major.