Description: These clans have always been at enemy with each other. Now they are striving for power, and this war is gonna be epic. The music track creates tense atmosphere of battle. Strings, synths, brass, drums and woods help to make this dramatic piece for video game, movie, film trailer.

Description: 8 Bit Chiptune Video Game is a classical track from 8 bit console arcade video games. Positive retro track in the style of 8-bit, playful and full of fantasy.

Description: Fun, happy and celebratory, “Bring the Fun” has everything you need to create an upbeat, positive and energetic vibe for your project. A great big beat groove, catchy piano and horn riffs, and a few whimsical moments like whistling and rewind sound effects help create a unique and unexpected music experience. Great for websites, videos, commercials and more. advertising, big beat, carefree, catchy, celebratory, commercial, cool, energetic, fashion, fresh, fun, funky, groovy, guitar, happy, hip, joyful, kids, optimistic, party, piano, playful, positive, smile, stylish, sunny, upbeat, uplifting, vibrant, whistle

Description: An exciting, catchy piece giving the listener the sense of being in the Amazon jungle with the tension of possible tribal conflict. Includes an ostinato played on actual pitched stones! Great for video games featuring a forest/jungle scenario, or a jungle battle scene.

Description: Music consists of three orchestral variations. Takes the listener on a long, wonderful childhood. You can use the slide show, presentations, like a musical splash.

Description: This energetic and optimistic track is ideal for games, websites, backgrounds, animations, action scene and other projects. I hope you like it.

Description: A 60's/70's rock trio with heavy guitars reminiscent of Hendrix.

Description: A retro 60s sounding track with tremolo guitars and driving drums. There is also organ in this fun and happy track.

Description: Une composition héritée de l'ambiance de Donkey Kong sur Super NES et Yoshi's Story.

Description: combination of guitar & ethic elements building up to a rhythmic chaos.