Description: Funny tune with bells, brass, sax and guitar for games or children activity

Description: Looking for hidden clues in the empty house. Mysterious tune with some tension. Crime/Drama TV or video games, adventures. Piano plays softly and a cello plays pizzicato to remind about the sneaky and careful mood.

Description: Light and darkness, street fights in a powerful dance. Powerful track that can be put under great art Staged street dance, street dance battles. same track is perfect for reading aloud any powerful energetic dance project.

Description: Sunny Day is simple playful track. Easy going and quirky. This inspirational track with a glockenspiel, bells and chimes, xylophone, ukulele rhythm, along with the sound of simple piano melody, that instantly lifts the mood. Catchy acoustic guitar strum gives the feeling holiday, of achievement uplifting. Includes many other instruments such as drums, bass, tambourine, uke, hand snaps and hand clapping claps, and more. Perfect for commercial advertising background music, presentations, games, children, enterprises, podcasts, inspiring corporate video, YouTube montages and more.

Description: Easy, fun and very creative music, which is similar to the music from old 8-bit video games of the Dandy and other. The track can be used in different projects, as in Flash games, games for your mobile phone, Android, Apple, and other. Can be used to childrens or humorous video.

Description: percus tamtam war rythme adventure action suspens.

Description: Inspirational and gentle. Imagine an empty canvas being filled with colors and shapes forming a warm picture. Featuring piano and strings.

Description: A happy baroque arrangement, perfect for historic documentaries or video games. Entering the throne room. The victorious ending, Castle view, royal audience. Knights and Templars. Successful happy ending.

Description: This fun-filled circus theme loops seamlessly. It has three sections that feature accordion, strings, and a pipe organ. It has a sense of fun, grace, and just a hint of danger!

Description: A bouncy happy tune full of good mood. Very positive and happy. Featuring piano and pizzicatto strings. Great for games, animations and apps.