Description: This is positive and cheerful loopable track featuring pizzicato strings and brass. It can be used for mobile games.

Description: Funny melody, ideal for cartoon and animation. What is more, the song may be used in comedy movie, especially for children. Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this music track, please rate it (press 1 to 5 stars).

Description: This is my new short Game Win funny energetic advertising 8bit Loop Intro ident Opener (10s) with electronic old style dance sound and bright happy mood, which include catchy synths, fast drums and bass…This commercial short track can be used as a music background for different computer and smartphone games, websites, business, financial or sport tv shows, presentation promo videos, films, kids video and slideshows, ending and opening tv or radio jingles, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying! 8bit, 8bit style, achievement, action, advertising, background, bright, broadcast, casual, cheerful, children, competition, computer, cool, electronic, energetic, fast, fun, funny, game, game music, game win, happy, horn, intro, joyful, kids, logo, loop, looping, modern, motivational, music, old style, opener, opening, optimistic, playful, positive, sega, short, tv, uplifting, video, video game, vintage, win, winning, won, looping, fast

Description: This is very positive and fun, happy corporate children Arcade Game Breakbeat 8bit Loop music track for your original projects with exciting sound and beautiful motivational joyful mood, which include different bright upbeat uplifting instruments – synth solo, bass, club dance drums, fx, pad etc…This track can be used anywhere – as a music, background for commercial websites, flash children games and movies, comedy films, business presentations and projects, podcasts, slideshows, news, telecasts, etc…8bit, Arcade, Breakbeat, adventure, advertising, background, background music, birthday, bright, celebrate, celebration, cheerful, children, christmas, comedy, commercial, corporate, dance, energetic, fun, funny, game, good mood, happiness, happy, happy loop, holiday, hopeful, inspirational, intro, kids, loop, motivational, music, opening, optimistic, positive, presentation, promo, rhythmical, short, slideshow, successful, upbeat, uplifting, video, video game, website, achievement, looping, fast

Description: This is my new, really motivational, sport powerful driving 8bit Energetic Game Dance Music Loop intro 15s music track with many bright instruments and extreme sports news show mood – electric bright distortion driving guitars, bass, exciting club dancing rythmical drums, etc…This short 15sec track can be used anywhere – as an energetic musical background for websites, flash action games and corporate video, football soccer games, sport radio or tv news, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) 15s, 8bit, achievement, action, advertising, aggressive, angry, big, bright, broadcast, commercial, competition, confident, cool, corporate, dance, driving, dynamic, energetic, extreme, fast, game, hard, intense, intro, loop, motivational, news, noise, opening, powerful, rock, short, show, soccer, sport, sport action, sport game, sport logo, sport news, sport show, sports music, strong, tension, uplifting, video game, high tech, industrial, music, background, looping, fast

Description: dance rhythm with electric guitar

Description: This is my new energetic driving rock music track Rock Energetic Background Loop with positive powerful bright mood, which contain driving indie electric guitars, live fast drums, live bass…This alternative angry action looped track can be used anywhere – as a motivated inspiring musical background for websites, computer arcade extreme sports race or competition video games, tv or radio jingle, advertising and commercial business company youtube video…Enjoy!:) achievement, action, advertising, aggressive, alternative, angry, background, big, bouncy, bright, broadcast, commercial, confident, corporate, disturbing, driving, dynamic, edgy, electric guitar, energetic, extreme, fast, game, grunge, hard, heavy, inspirational, intense, intro, light, light rock, loop, loud, motivational, music, opening, pack, powerful, rock, rock background, rock music, slideshow, soundtrack, strong, tension, uplifting, video, video game, proud, frantic

Description: An exciting, suspenseful piece giving the listener the sense of being in the Amazon jungle with the tension of the upcoming battle. Perfect for video games featuring a forest/jungle scenario, or a jungle battle scene.

Description: This is my new super positive dance music, 15 sec loop track with holiday joyful mood! Don’t miss it, because this is really pumping, dance, powerful, easy, motivational and melodious track with old 90s style leads, electric guitar, rythmical club drums and old games 8bit style…:)What a beautiful surprise for your friends and children! This 15s track can be used also as a musical background for websites, video projects, arcade games and films for children..

Description: Bouncy, Groovy and Bright music for Main Menu . Good for RPG and games involving exploration, adventure, fantasy.