Description: A fast paced, edgy and driving song for an action packed scene or other such applications. Full with cello, a driving, punchy beat, orchestral hits and guitars.

Description: Pulsating, grooving, heart pounding drink a cup of black coffee track

Description: Cinematic piano solo track, animated and playful, with great rhythmical accents. Good for videos,tv, web.

Description: This is very funky track with scratch elements.Good for any optimistic project.

Description: Take a day off to go chill with your friends at the fair or the beach to live it up. This song has an infectious groove that will get you jumping and excited to throw your worries away and go have some fun. Great for video games or movies, this song is sure to get your toe tapping. In the style of Fountains of Wayne, Jonas Brothers, and Bowling for Soup.

Description: Tropical Conspiracy a jungle soundtrack with epic dramatic strings ideal for video games, especially if based in a jungle!

Description: Intense music for the big Hollywood movie or war game. War is here, thundering intense brass with nice build ups. In Jerry Goldsmith tradition. With a intensive tone and marching war drums and basses. Think Stargate with a lot of orchestral movements builds into a crescendo. For the war scene, big bold and epic. Triumphant, Heroic, War, Action, big, intense, Dramatic, action Dangerous, Explosive, Driving, Marching, war Majestic, battle Powerful, battle Booming, Aggressive, Building, military, patriotic, warfare, sci fi, science fiction, adventure, medal of honor, Patriotic, Victory, Warzone, Forceful, fps, video games, Call of duty battle, battlefield, black ops, soundtrack, sci fi trailer, pounding, battle, victorious soundtrack

Description: Massive driving dramatic trailer music with emotional powerful drums. The perfect background for movies, games, for trailers or battles and other media projects.

Description: A dramatic synth and drum combination with string swells and percussion hits.

Description: Fast-paced epic metal rock thrasher. Great energy and enthusiasm in this inspired call to battle! It's a battle of the guitar virtuosos - Yngwie Vs. Macalpine. Notes everywhere, played with precision and passion. Still not impressed? Gheez - tough crowd. OK, Sergey then turns around and rocks the same chops on keys - Jens Johansson style! Madskillz.