Description: Big big huge chorale, powerful and uplifting! Long symphonic build up going first through beautiful violins, then heroic brass section and then bursts with a really powerful and celebratory choir finale. For all kinds of powerful cinematic products - long epic trailers, big celebratory videos, celebratory ceremonies, firework displays, sporting achievements, success stories and all the powerful uplifting stuff!

Description: Positive, spacy breakbeat tune with a nice little wobbly bass. Ideal for Jump'n'Runs.

Description: Orchestral with a dark and foreboding medieval theme.

Description: 8 Bit determination ! Level Up in this mighty magical mythical mystical adventure ! Victory will win with your amazing awesome video game youtube channel ! cool waters will rise with hot fire and the powerful power will inspire uplift and pump up your fitness music self!

Description: ambient, big beat, suggestive track.

Description: synthesizer mystical space, very environmental, multi-composition, psychedelia from space, enjoy

Description: Industrial electronic cue, ideal as music for a videogame or for an action cue or a corporate video

Description: Video Game Music Loop for your Epic Viral Youtube Video! Cool ! 8 Bit Passion is amazing retro video game music loop adventure! minecraft your way into beautiful RPG world journey where youtube video is electronic edm synth pop ! Good and Great rhythm and drums with deep kick , holy sonic mario ! All the best youtuber's use heatleybros music , and that's a promise ! YAY LOL !

Description: Pixelized Surrealism composition of sounds from video games, 8 bit with mixed ambient chillout as a reminder to the past good for old times videogame

Description: A night chase through the street's, and it's all riding on you! Focus, great warrior ninja racer! As the video game music plays, you will fight your way to victory! Battle Music vs Race Music, who will win the match?