Description: A fun easy going simple tune full of positive energy and optimistic melody. Featuring piano and clarinet. Perfect for positive corporate videos, animation and games.

Description: Jumpy and happy tune with muted guitar and xylophone playing a game together. Also featuring wah-wah guitar. Great for cartoons and video games.

Description: This music is a playful blend of underwater adventure and pure happiness. The bubbling melodies are complimented by a joyful and beautiful vocaloid performance. This music is innocent, fun, and is great for underwater levels for video games, animation, children productions, and much much more.

Description: Easy going friendly tune with a simple progression and a positive mood. Electric keys and ukulele.

Description: 'Command & Conquer' type underscore. Slow heavy beats,nasty synths,dark drones.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill.The musical composition with xylophone, guitar, drum machine. It’s medium, funky, kids, children's, mystery. The mood of music is: guess who, open the secrets

Description: A jumpy and happy electronic tune fool of positive energies. Great for children productions and video games. Featuring a marimba ad various synths.

Description: drill and bass, modern electronic, jungle influence.

Description: A short quirky piano instrumental.Ideal for silent film,cartoon,corporate.Animation.,Keystone Cops.Underscore.Shuusss Whos Coming?

Description: A short quirky oompha kids cartoon instrumental. Ideal for animation.-sshhh whos coming