Description: poppy and electric.

Description: Minimal, deep and spacious techno sound track with a hypnotic groove.

Description: emotive electronic track with electro percussion and a haunting piano ballard. reminiscent of warp records style electronica.

Description: beautiful and ethereal track that involves the summer and general good times! luscious melodies and driving beat.

Description: a progressive journey through the ether and into the unknown.

Description: It is an ambient Psychill psybient Effects videogame magic sound, trip, electro, psychedelic ambient, chill, dream sound ...

Description: synth track based on my love of daft punk. completely original, no samples, all original melody.

Description: Big big huge chorale, powerful and uplifting! Long symphonic build up going first through beautiful violins, then heroic brass section and then bursts with a really powerful and celebratory choir finale. For all kinds of powerful cinematic products - long epic trailers, big celebratory videos, celebratory ceremonies, firework displays, sporting achievements, success stories and all the powerful uplifting stuff!

Description: Positive, spacy breakbeat tune with a nice little wobbly bass. Ideal for Jump'n'Runs.