Description: A deep, brooding emotional piece, slow and child-like. Combining electric piano with synthetic elements and strings, it rises and falls in waves. Sad and introspective, but also positive and hopeful.

Description: A dark and moody electronic soundscape, suggesting things unseen and imminent danger. Atmospheric, with eerie swells and tense, moving strings. Full of suspense and other world qualities. Flowing inevitably forwards with apprehension and anxiety.

Description: A spacey and easy loop with a catchy melody and cautious accompaniment. It could be used for telephone waiting loops, time lapse sequences, television waiting breaks etc.

Description: repetitive fast paced track, electronic, madness, routine, industrial

Description: electronic train journy through space and time

Description: happy go lucky, electronic spacy animation or games track

Description: The simple continuous loop combines a funky drum and bass groove with a sorrowful melodic string melody. Perfect for game background, corporate videos, or commercials with just the right balance of light heartedness and sincerity.

Description: Technical electronic loop using various synths, beats, and modern effects to create a digital futuristic atmosphere. Very useful as backing music for product launch.

Description: enigmatic and relaxing atmosphere

Description: enigmatic atmosphere and rhythm with voices ...