Description: Around and around all around space.

Description: This music was written for the entrance of a queen in a children's theater production. It has a fanfare quality and possesses a slightly dark, foreboding mood.

Description: This track features keyboard marimba and accordion and has an upbeat, playful, and slightly silly quality to it. As it is slightly sinister, it is perfect music to accompany a mischievous character in an animated children's show.

Description: Dark and mysterious music for the unwary traveller.

Description: Upbeat and futuristic groove track.

Description: Haunting bells accompany a melancholy piano melody to create a mysterious mood.

Description: 1st Attack of the Marms, Rick Balentine, SCORE LA Library, video game, rock, electronic, hardcore, guitar, dark, action, hard rock, action, fight, super hero

Description: A solo classical guitar makes you feel anxious. By film composer Kerry Engle

Description: An energetic rock drum and bass instrumental with tribal African drums modern rock drums and synthesized bass and strings. The track builds up in intensity and complexity and releases into a free flowing harmonious chorus. Perfect for computer games such as Halo, Splinter Cell, Quake and more.

Description: A banjo and string section take you away to a video game or world of cows and hay. Watch out for em tornaders! By film composer Jeremy Khawaja.