Description: Percussive bed useful as a background piece, rhythmic and sharp. With purpose and energy, it is ideal as an underlay for a news or sports bulletin, commanding attention without becoming distracting. Alluring, with a mature and determined feel.

Description: Weird beat with an elmo type sound

Description: A jazzy and laidback loop

Description: An intense, electronic track with saturated psychedelic percussion and melody's. There is a crescendo in the middle which breaks to a second section with catchy melodies and a serious groove.

Description: emotive electronic track with electro percussion and a haunting piano ballard. reminiscent of warp records style electronica.

Description: This track is ideal for decoration funny video, humorous advertising, design for home video

Description: A landscape of traditional orchestral instruments with a modern rhythm.

Description: Scary and mysterious music from a lower place eventually reaching some resolution.

Description: Around and around all around space.

Description: This music was written for the entrance of a queen in a children's theater production. It has a fanfare quality and possesses a slightly dark, foreboding mood.