Description: The sweet simple grand piano is refined, sad & dance-like. The soft elegant strings are earthy, majestic & magical. The tender textural celeste is mysterious, mystical & eerie. The flowing atmospheric soprano vocals are haunting, ominous & enchanting. Wondrous, reflective, soothing & sophisticated.

Description: Driving, powerful, intense, energetic track that would be perfect for a video game. It could also be great for trailers, commercials, personal videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio, film, etc.

Description: A fast paced ethnic and techno hybrid piece with a racing beat. Sweeping synth and African style wooden tuned percussion combine to hypnotise over a long intro section, before an upfront hardcore synth riff is introduced. Underneath all this is a stomping dance beat.

Description: Scary Halloween 8 Bit Music for your Youtube Viral Video! This chiptune adventure is epic and filled with horror and fun! Great for intro, outro, let's plays, background music, reviews, and so much more! For more awesome music check out the HeatleyBros Page!

Description: 8 bit music for your Epic Game Youtube Video ! 8 Bit Grow all about happy uplifting vibe that ease you into peace and peaceful! beautiful and inspiring guitar and synths help the flow and smooth of the amazing video game music loop. Cheerful and positive pokemon will go towards you! thoughtful and soothing minecraft roleplay will love this music!

Description: Welcome to the Dark Alley, mystery and sad music video game music loop, but also hip hop and cool beat, melody driven investigation, great mystery or research for RPG game, minecraft, youtube videos, video game conspiracy fans, and 8 bit fans. Pop adventure game music that will add epic and emotion to your production. nice guitar and other instrumental, for more great music check out HeatleyBros artist page!

Description: An exciting, suspenseful piece giving the listener the sense of being in the Amazon jungle with the tension of the upcoming battle. Perfect for video games featuring a forest/jungle scenario, or a jungle battle scene.

Description: Easy going happy bunny land.

Description: Jumpy synth theme with house beat.

Description: Arcade style music made from dial tone. Great for call wait. Available versions: full track, 1min. and 30 sec. edit.