Description: Sci-fi soundscape for video game. Dark suspenseful mood suggesting hidden signs of life.

Description: Crystal glasses of their songs. They ringing and cheerful. Sometimes they sing slow and a little sad.

Description: Slow tempo, distant drum beat with shakers and solo trumpet begin cue. String parts add to gradually build into main driving, forceful theme. Embellishes by combining string parts with rhythmic electronic sounds and eventually adding heavy percussion to create mood of drive, determination and power.

Description: A delightful march-like jazz swing tune full of optimism and joy played by a woodwind quintet.

Description: It is a song of mail Rock style with flashy and catchy melodies. Designed to acclimate game in retro style.

Description: A solo classical guitar makes you feel anxious. By film composer Kerry Engle

Description: Happy, positive, joyful and calm mood. Dreamy sound design and a cheerful composition will take you on a relaxing journey. Perfect to soundtrack a commercial, movie scene, documentary, nature program, travel video or a corporate project.

Description: Nice inspirational fantasy music, with piano, bell and string pad.

Description: Electro Pop background with catchy mood and melodies. Soft but rhythmic, with inspiring and emotional uplifting feeling and a bit a melancholic serenity. Joy of life, friendship, good situations of hope in the future to overcome something bad. Simple and effective music for youtube videos or infomercials, love situations. Available also without lead melodies and in 2 other versions, classical and new age: Classical Uplifitng Soft Melodic; NewAge Uplifitng Soft Melodic

Description: Rich rhythm with the sound like Blacksmith punching a metal; Melody in chords rising from accompanied harmony. Music shape with changing tempo staying only in string section and accelerando returning into music reprise. Moving bass line