Description: Bold, commanding tech riff over a sharp, snappy beat and overlaid with a powerful rhythmic synth part. Tension and attitude flows, and the track soars gracefully with a majestic raw energy. Suspenseful, high tech and catchy, ideal for hot product launch or promo.

Description: An electronic based track with a driving bassline, upbeat funky drumloop and overlaid with dramatic strings. Using synth elements and emotional string parts, it has bags of atmosphere and moves gradually towards an edgy climax.

Description: Strong melodic adventure theme.

Description: A short and cheerful "end of level" composition suitable for a game. Orchestrated with Pizzicato violins and cellos, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, wurly and assorted percussion.

Description: Bubbly and crazy, off-the-wall, dance groove with a steady beat. Great for electonic games and commercial. Versions with or without musical computer Fx. 30sec commercial

Description: Rumble in the jungle, a dramatic theme for a jungle based environment, action packed adventure awaits.

Description: Jumpy and happy tune with muted guitar and xylophone playing a game together. Also featuring wah-wah guitar. Great for cartoons and video games.

Description: A very smart and melodic cute tune. Full of good mood and witty spirit. Featuring piano, pizzicatto strings and a marimba. Great for cartoons.

Description: Funky,electronic intro groove suitable for games or animation.

Description: perfect for any action video game.