Description: This is a powerful pop dance techno club melodious Techno Dance Music 20s Logo with exciting sound, which include different bright catchy synths, bass, dance drums, coating pads, etc…This euro dance style track intro can be used anywhere – in games and movies, documentary films, presentations, news, telecasts, about nature, space, as a music, background for arcade computer games and emotional movies, as a musical background for advertisement, business commercial websites…Enjoy! 2000s, 90s, achievement, action, advertising, bouncy, bright, broadcast, cheerful happy, club, club music, commercial, cool, corporate, dance, dance music, dancing, electronic, energetic, euro, eurodance, fast, game, inspirational, intense, intro, logo, loud, melodious, modern, motivational, music, old style, opening, pop, pop dance, positive, powerful, pumping, scooter, sport action, sport show, strong, summer, techno, tension, top, uplifting, video game, high tech, fast

Description: An exciting, suspenseful piece giving the listener the sense of being in the Amazon jungle with the tension of the upcoming battle. Perfect for video games featuring a forest/jungle scenario, or a jungle battle scene.

Description: gameover_fornow.wav / Sound effect made by Hardknox Rarity

Description: A melancholic and sad track reminiscent of video game endings. Great for use in any video game, corporate project, or short film. It features a solo guitar.

Description: Short comedy track specially created for gaming purposes. Ideal as in-game music or title menu background. Very catchy theme will work well with every happy and funny video game. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: Dos Game 2016 sound loop for project

Description: This is my new super positive dance music, 15 sec loop track with holiday joyful mood! Don’t miss it, because this is really pumping, dance, powerful, easy, motivational and melodious track with old 90s style leads, electric guitar, rythmical club drums and old games 8bit style…:)What a beautiful surprise for your friends and children! This 15s track can be used also as a musical background for websites, video projects, arcade games and films for children..

Description: 8 Bit Chiptune, similar to games from the 80's and 90's

Description: 8 Bit Chiptune, similar to games from the 80's and 90's

Description: 8 Bit Chiptune, similar to games from the 80's and 90's