Description: Positive, fun and uplifting 8-bit video game chiptune with a great super beat to keep the energy high! Loop-able Track Perfect for Social Apps and Games! Great for Minecraft videos! Mario and Nintendo will be jealous! Sonic, Megaman and Sega can 8 bit a gameboy! Check out HeatleyBros page for more great music.

Description: It works very well on a videogame in puzzle or maze style. The sound is similar to some old coin-op game. The melodies are twisted and almost irritating but strike back to certain penny arcades. Also good for TV kids shows or Flash videos.

Description: Sixties Happy Background Music usefull for background music of weather forecast, news program, cooking program, horoscope, commercials, corporate videos and so on

Description: A fun easy going simple tune full of positive energy and optimistic melody. Featuring piano and clarinet. Perfect for positive corporate videos, animation and games.

Description: Light Arabic Background. Middle east magic in it.

Description: Jumpy and happy tune with muted guitar and xylophone playing a game together. Also featuring wah-wah guitar. Great for cartoons and video games.

Description: This music is a playful blend of underwater adventure and pure happiness. The bubbling melodies are complimented by a joyful and beautiful vocaloid performance. This music is innocent, fun, and is great for underwater levels for video games, animation, children productions, and much much more.

Description: Rumble in the jungle, a dramatic theme for a jungle based environment, action packed adventure awaits.

Description: Slightly mysterious and with a scense of humour. Featuring a marimba, piano and bongos. A fun tune for a colorful story. Great for cartoons and video games.

Description: Good upbeat 8 bit sounding ragtime track by composed by early 1900s ragtime pianist Scott Joplin. Great children's music, good vibe for a fun and simple video game, silly comedy scene, etc. 16 bar loopable, repeat it endlessly!