Description: Electronic keyboard phrases and digital synths combine to create a hi-tech style track. Frequent retro sound effects suggest video game style theme, very useful for handheld gaming, Apps or puzzle games.

Description: Upbeat, slightly retro fast electronic chords create a continuous puzzle game like melody suitable for touch screen games or apps. The melody is fast, upbeat and quirky with a childrens style theme. Electronic synths wash and sweep in the background making it useful for game actions, button sounds or achievements.

Description: Perky flute and chimes play a quirky friendly melody suggesting a happy and joyful scene, which is overlaid with orchestral and symphonic strings providing a warm friendly atmosphere suggesting fun times, children playing, small animals or cartoon animation melody.

Description: Technical electronic loop using various synths, beats, and modern effects to create a digital futuristic atmosphere. Very useful as backing music for product launch.