Description: An atmospheric and creepy doom ambient. Ideal as background music in a horror game, film or videos.

Description: This background music track creates tension, atmosphere and gives you a dark kind of feeling that you are not alone and something mind be standing right behind your back.

Description: Deep, a bit scary and mysterious, this music track combines electronic ambient music melody with trip hop, industrial rhythms, inspired by a post apocalyptic and futuristic themes.

Description: Experimental background song, full of tribal percussion instruments, theme synths, and a bit of violins. This track is a Remix to my other song I called "Muerto" which you can find on my debut album First Records.

Description: This track features 80's style synthesizers, an upbeat rhythm, electric solo guitar playing in the background, and it creates an achieving and rather positive vibe.

Description: Those horrible zombies are coming here again. Be very quiet, they can hear your breath.

Description: This track features keyboard strings, pizzicato cellos and violins, french horns, trombones, background percussion, flutes, and echoed pianos.