Description: Contemporary logo with airy swirl effect building to solid chord. Contains background radio signal effect, suggesting data transmission or hi tech communication system.

Description: Electronic keyboard phrases and digital synths combine to create a hi-tech style track. Frequent retro sound effects suggest video game style theme, very useful for handheld gaming, Apps or puzzle games.

Description: Silly Pre-school children’s/cartoon, game theme suggesting a mini-search or quest with a very weird and strange melody resembling weird jelly creatures or something mysterious happening. Great for puzzle game theme music.

Description: Cheeky comic style track suggests a tip-toe movement of perhaps a cartoon character or something funny about to happen.

Description: Modern synthetic elements incorporate strong orchestral phrases which suggest something powerful rising to a build up to a last stand/final battle scenario.

Description: Retro electronic synthesizers and organ combine to create a video game style theme.

Description: A futuristic retro theme designed to imply an alien invasion or Martian attack featuring retro sound effects and weird zany instruments.

Description: Pizzicato bass, xylophone and brass combine to create a sneaky comedy theme suitable for animation or mischievous scene. The melody suggests someone up to mischief, sneaking around, or creeping up on someone to do something naughty.

Description: An upbeat array of electronic synth elements create an exciting energetic melody designed to imply confidence, achieving goals and being motivated.

Description: Bouncy electronic synths combine with bassy drums creating an active, energetic background theme suitable for gaming or advertising uses. The melody features occasional zany voice effects and hand claps make it slightly catchy, exciting and full of fun.

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