Description: instrumental atmosphere or backgroun music for movie, video game or web (fantasy, space or investigations).

Description: instrumental music for video games or movie. simple and cheerful give us positive and magic energy. string, percussion and synth.

Description: intro with industrial atmosphere to become fantasy listen to understand. very impact sound for film or tv event.

Description: Good idea for a commercial video, video game, logo or youtube. Fresh simple and funny atmosphere

Description: video game house techno dance track suitable for video game, sports, film,tv commercial,presentation and or recording artist.

Description: Peace, tranquility and freedom in the pursuit of its Meas "Magix Creation - Made with Magix"

Description: Drums and sounds blend into a melodic and rhythmic Chill Out.Particular sounds rich of imagination and simplicity

Description: Energetic dance track in house style with powerful drum beat and drive guitars. Good for scoring video from yours corporate party. "Magix Creation - Made with Magix"

Description: the title song says everything listen..... pure energy....really pure energy.

Description: percussion combined with the sweetness of clarinet gives us a brief but intense moment of peace.

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