Description: Naughty Princess - Beautiful celtic melody in Irish slip jig style about fantasy kingdom, travel and adventures. Mood: Epic, medieval, cheerful, naughty, happy, fantastic, dreamy, magic, fairy. Instruments: strings orchestra, violin, cello, flute, darabuka, taiko drum, piano. Best for films, games, trailers, youtube videos.

Description: Assault - Fast aggressive hard rock track about war, pirates, battle. Mood: heavy, fury, powerful, might, rage, epic. Instruments: guitars, bass, drums. Best for games, films, youtube videos.

Description: Pirates Battle Loop - epic cinematic track about war, ocean combat, fight. Mood: dramatic, heroism, action, adventure, conquest. Instruments: Orchestra, violin, cello, epic drums. Best for films, trailers, video games. Loop version.

Description: Ocean - this beautiful music about big sea, pirate ship battles, powerful and brave heroes. Mood: epic, strong, dramatic, heroic, glorious. Orchestral style, instruments: violins, cello, horn, flute, epic drums. Best for action scenes, trailers, films about travels and pirates, video games.

Description: Cyberpunk - powerful composition in electro heavy metal style. Mood: future, punk, hard rock, energetic, system shock, dark ambient. Instruments: distorted guitars, bass, drums, synthesizer. Best for mobile video games, trailers, films, youtube videos.

Description: Triumph - inspiring short composition in hard rock style. Mood - victory, winning, conquest. Best for congratulations winning screen in video game or trailers, films. Instruments - rock drums, bass, distorted guitars.

Description: Short melody in western style, bass drums, guitars and violin

Description: Epic medieval track, best for video games, films or trailers. Instruments: pizzicato strings, orchestra, epic drums, violin. Heroic, fairy tales melody.

Description: Epic orchestral composition, suitable for video game or film, dramatic sense for "game over" screen. Classical style, orchestra with piano and choir.

Description: Сontrasting melody in country-grunge style, includes clean and distortion guitars, bass and drums. Suitable for short scenes or something else.