Description: This simple, chiptune has bit-crushed autotune vocals over mellotron key. Classic 80s drum machine accompany forward moving arpeggios and simple melodies.

Description: An intense and dark synthesizer solo opens this piece followed up by very driving, lo-fi drums and synthesizers. All about mario looking for that Princess. an homage to nintendo

Description: Tense percussion, singular koto, and deep taiko drums create an ominous atmosphere of loneliness and deep thought.

Description: Inquisitive, reverse bells start this unique piece. Framed with unusual percussion and angular melodies, supported by synthesizers reminiscent of Tron or Bladerunner, this track could be the perfect, special touch that your project needs.

Description: Thundering taiko drums open this massive track. Deep, growling synthesizer moves to resonant bass, creating tension. Slowly, organ and additional synthesizers build a chromatic, slightly dissonant wall of sound. The tension resolves to an even bigger chord, like a wave crashing. Perfect for film, animation, games, and commercials.

Description: Vibes and funky electronic drums open, followed by thick chords that transition to a playful melody and upbeat end. Perfect for games, video, and animation.

Description: Smooth, slightly silly piece that would be perfect for animation or children's television.

Description: muted and pulsing kick keeps you involved. spotty, low-bitrate piano suprises you. sine waves caress. the game continues.