Description: Somewhat whimsical and humorous, this tune gives the impression of waiting hopelessly for something to happen, like a slow web page to download. Use it in light presentations for products or ideas that claim to eliminate frustration and keep you at pace w.

Description: Pensive and pleasant, this tune makes one reflect on something personal. There is a bit of surrealism or existentialism in this piece. Use it for mood and ambiance, to reflect a particular mindset.

Description: This tune removes the listener from the here and now. It allows for memories to seep in from the distant past and evokes deep emotions with an underlying slow rock beat.

Description: This sound takes the viewer into a spiritual realm. The Pizz component create a ticking effect, like that of a clock. The result is a hypnotizing sound that stirs deep and perhaps surreal emotions.

Description: This SoundSet has a calming effect mainly generated through its melody and other components that recall nature sounds. Presentations that wish to whisk away its viewers to another realm and set them at ease would benefit from this piece.

Description: Picture this sound in the background of a scene overlooking a sunset somewhere in the Caribbean as you sip a cool drink. People dance slowly to the sensual beat. Use this sound to set a mood, a mindset.

Description: A sense of freedom and open space is present in this tune, a feeling of release perhaps after a long term of imprisonment of some sort. Images of nature and humanity's positive achievements would go well with this SoundSet.

Description: Uncertainty and introspection resonate in the opening piano theme and give way to determination. The sound transforms into something of a prayer, seeking reconciliation with and acceptance of some fate. The effect is achieved through the contrast between.

Description: This joyous tune combines elements from world music. The flute melody, with its diminished third tone has an Irish flavor. The drone synths have an Indian flavor. Add the percussion and drums and the spacious strings and you have an upbeat, feel-good, inv.

Description: A classy, relaxed tune set to an infectious laid-back beat. The horns meld nicely with the piano and pad sounds to create a light ambience supported by the drums. The tune unfolds gently over time as all the components come together. Any production requir.