Description: Airy and exotic lounge track. Flowing chill out new age for exotic world of ambiance, underwater, tranquillity, love and hopes. Hypnotic meditative ambient instrumental with keys, electronic, flute melody. Clear and reflective for peaceful sphere, relax

Description: Light and dreamy water ambient music. Pastoral and clean new age electronic underscore in a bright and relaxing atmosphere. Soft keyboards and hopeful beat creating peaceful scenery that related to dreams, underwater, space, flying, ecological, corporate, loving communication, modern pure love and green technology. 90 Bpm

Description: Sweet and tender background music in an innocent hope feel. Light vision of peace and love, delicate reflections of comfort and inspiring dreams. featuring keyboards, modern male vocal harmony, ambient downtempo beat, violins and beautiful melody. Best for dreamy, young romance and soothing scenes in film soundtrack, tv theme and video production

Description: Flowing and dreamy downtempo ambient chill music. Slow, mystical and reflective underscore with prepared piano melody, soft and buoyant electronic beat and violins. Airy, atmospheric and hollow track, best suitable for pensive, thoughtful, melancholic, longing and ethereal scenes. Also good for floating on air, contemplative and relaxed dreams, hypnotic relaxation and delicate love.

Description: Oriental ambient track. airy and atmospheric flowing electronic chill out music with eastern orient strings melody. Mystical, inspiring and hypnotic. A soft and longing, futuristic ethnic score for exotic travelling, dreamy and relaxed, calm and ethereal soundtrack and presentations.

Description: Airy and reflective, flowing ambient track with beautiful piano melody. Soft, comforting and light underscore for futuristic and modern tranquility. A new age chill out romantic relaxation in a content and hopeful optimistic atmosphere.