Description: Light soundscapes with minimal piano textures. One long chord drawn out with a light tension. Dreamlike state.

Description: Minimal piano with ambient layers of strings and synths. Moody with light tone. Increases to more tension at 1:00.

Description: Atmospheric backgrounds with subtle piano chords. Good for a dreaming sequence or pondering of thoughts.

Description: A somber piece featuring the Oud over stringed atmospheres.

Description: A somber, ambient piece that delivers subtle emotion. Bowed strings effects, with minimal piano notes and cello melodies along with potted percussion.

Description: Remembering a loved one, feeling the joyous times, and dealing with a loss.

Description: A minimal piano theme with lush strings give a sorrow emotion.

Description: Atmospheric background with pulsating rhythms of hollow type percussion. Very somber & relaxing.