Description: Happy, elegant, care-free, warm & uplifting instrumental. Tight & percussive strummed acoustic guitar chordal riffs accompany two cellos soaring melodies, good feelings, deep emotions. Modern sounding production. Great for film, TV, phone on hold, in store, radio streams, commercials, documentaries, Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instrumental

Description: This energetic, rhythmic and uplifting track features a synthesized kalimba ostinado over a middle eastern percussion groove. A quirky and catchy humorous melody brings the work to a climax before the final fade. Global perspective for videos, websites, advertising, scientific, business, film or tv.

Description: A full spacious ambient track featuring electronic percussion and flanged electric guitar along with special effects. The music has chill out feel with a definite driving pulse. Useable for underscores in video, tv, film, radio broadcast, Websites, Podcasts, Social Media, in house, Animations,

Description: Relax and reflect with this peaceful and delicate track. Marimba and kalimba is featured giving a joyous and inspiration performance. Nice music for deep meditation, pensiveness. For delicate, softer moments in tv, film or video projects, as an underscore for adverts, in store, phone on hold, web,, Instrumental, New Age, Spiritual

Description: An attractive, hypnotic, meditative track featuring a brilliant classical soprano voice, a powerful electric guitar section, a lush string section unified by an electric piano. A relaxed and pleasant soundscape adventure for the listener. Useful track for background in film tv, radio, inspirational

Description: A smooth moving nu-jazz ambient dance groove track featuring a modern piano bass and drum section under silky strings, a chanting female chorus, pizzicato cello. Nice atmospheric sounds for club, lounge, dance also useful for tv, film, radio, in-store, video, travel, adverts, and media projects

Description: A dark, dreamy and mysterious ambient track quiet yet suspenseful that features haunting female vocal chants, samples, and sounds, spacious synths, acoustic piano, deep rich bass and light percussion. Could be used for a dream sequence, outgoing film credits, chillout lounge or various media projects

Description: A dark, rich and mysterious ambient classic electronic house groove track. Fun and breezy and yet a bit ominous and suspicious. A kalimba synth melody is featured with a spacey middle section and an electric guitar solo. Useful for films, TV, radio, background music, multimedia projects, and adverts

Description: A slick, smooth, and spacey true trip hop track featuring a deep mysterious meditative logo hook, a strong intricate beat, open area breakdowns, rich hypnotic sub electro-bass and harmonious bells. Nice sounds, give a listen. Good for film, TV, radio, advertising, background music, underscore, video, and media projects.

Description: A deeply meditative and throughly relaxing musical piece featuring a lovely female soprano voice chanting an other worldly melody. An upright bass, percussive and strong as well as some spacey synthesizers provide the background, filling the soundscape. Useful for Films, TV, Radio, adverts. promos.

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