Description: This tune is warm and flowing and shines with brilliant and colorful guitar and piano sounds. It is the type of music that causes one to reflect with a secret smile on some treasured memory. The feeling goes past sentimentality to a very satisfying and fr.

Description: This hypnotic, sensual sound embarks on a journey of imagery and motion. Comprised of many dimensions, the music can be parsed for its ambient or rhythmic elements. The beat provides the sensual feel and nicely supports all the other contrasting instrumen.

Description: Get transported to another world with this quintessential chill-out track. The hypnotic beat grounds the more ethereal and silky electronic sounds. The simplicity of the elegant piano melodies give the sound an overall dreamy feel. The tune never tires an.

Description: The relaxed piano melody descends over an atmospheric texture. The plucking of the strings pays homage to the music of Enya. Combined with the sensual beat reminiscent of hip hop music, this angelic sound evokes a sense of tranquility or centeredness in a.

Description: This rhythmic and laidback tune wanders into the corridors of the mind to find memories colored with an array of emotions. The timbre of the guitar has an Eastern flavor and is a nice contrast to the more sensual saxophone melody, which is built of variou.

Description: A jazzy, atmospherical tune that nicely sets the mood. The sensual, easy-going beat relaxes and transports the listener into a dreamy and tranquil world of images. While the beat is always present, the rest of the sounds slowly percolate to the foreground.

Description: This suspenseful track is a master of moods. Various elements come together to form a cohesive sound. With a plethora of instrument parts, the flexibility of this track is unmatched. A slight change in the arrangement can yield dramatic results.

Description: The definite sensual and sophisticated mood created in this sound is due largely to the silky strings and the ever-present drum beat. Elements appear at different corners on the sound stage, each contributing a part to form the tapestry of sound. Use this.

Description: This track captures a specific yet subtle mood. Despite its relaxed beat, there is a slight sense of apprehension or regret combined with retrospection. The dreamy aspect is largely due to the silky sax melody. Above all, this tune tells a story perhaps o.

Description: Drift away to some remote place in the sun with the cool riffs in this SoundSet. The horns and piano, along with the sensual, rhythmic beat, transport the listener to another world. This tune would work well with slow-motion animation or an international.

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