Description: This is an unforgettable live session at quiet summer night near the industrial area of our town: you even can hear a natural noise of passing night bus, far locomotive hooters, unhurried measured knocks of carriage wheels and, perhaps, a light breathing of the night!

Description: Imagine a high light blue sky and you soar there over white clouds like a bird, even higher than bird, like an angel! And this music will help you to do it. Enjoy, relax and fly! Recorder, semi-acoustic bass guitar, e-organ and drums were used to make this music.

Description: Magic clear relaxing ambient thing with harp, voices, elegant percussion and nature sounds!

Description: Magic music of Erik Satie played electric instruments creates an gorgeous impressionistic ambience of calmness and dream!

Description: Harp over an azure ocean! Calm and relaxing music and sound of the sea.

Description: Rhythmic ambient thing with leading overdriven guitars.

Description: Positive ambient thing with tenor saxophone, melodica, electric guitar and acoustic bass...

Description: Meditative and very positive music played the harp.

Description: Just lite guitar thing of calm mood.

Description: Clean sounds of stringbells resounding over an azure ocean paint this unclouded picture. Let weather forecasts will be only good! Fit for broadcast, websites, will be good as intro or logo.