Description: Elegant, romantic, peaceful, clean Rickenbacker solo and chorused arpeggio. On the background acoustic guitar and violins describe an elegant, quiet, dreamy place or situation.

Description: A deep bass and synth to recreate an atmosphere that may paint with music a scene of a deep ocean and a wide horizon. Instruments used: acoustic guitars, synth and bass.

Description: Frozen, slow, quiet acoustic guitar arpeggio and long synth notes.

Description: Easy acoustic guitar and synth composition. A negative title for such a positive atmosphere to say how beautiful it's to be able to be positive or even relaxed whenever something bad happens in our life. Of course you can use this tune for both positive or negative scenes or situations. This is a loop-ready file.

Description: acoustic guitar, calm, confident, contemplative, dreamy, ethereal, hopeful, intense, loopable, meditative, mellow, nature, optimistic, peaceful, piano, positive, quiet, reflective, relaxed, repetitive, serene, soft, synthesiser, tranquil, slow

Description: Slow, relaxing, gentle, positive, melodic piece of music, featuring a fingerpicking acoustic guitar, a chorused electric guitar with some delay and a piano with lots of delay. It has a folk, country and ambient taste.

Description: An acoustic guitar solo plays on the background of another acoustic guitar arpeggio and a resonating synth. Quiet and relaxing atmosphere describing the fresh and pure atmosphere of the mountains.