Description: Bluesy improvisation, live performance, over drone style comping. harmonica/slide guit/el bass/ landscape/organ

Description: Electric Guitar over rich and warm electro drone.

Description: Acoustic Guitar & Electronica, synth, glitch and noises.

Description: Arizona meets Cordillera de los Andes. harmonica, slide guitar, electro drone, electric guitars landscape.

Description: Rich C major drone, sound Fx & guitar landscapes, electronica, analog synth, electric guit, feedback

Description: Chinese QuiQuin over Bamboo Flutes drone. Quinquin, Sulings(Bamboo flutes), Upright Bass, Synth Drone.

Description: Warm major tone drone. electronica, analog synth, el.bass, audiomorphing.

Description: Electric Guitar over Bamboo Flutes and ambient drone.

Description: 3 Sulings (Bamboo flutes)+Indonesian whistle, peaceful and relaxing, exotic, Asian.

Description: Ethereal acoustic improvisation meets electronics (background). acoustic bass guitar, alto sax, percussion. live instruments + electronica.

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