Description: Soul stirring, moving, composition, with emotional feelings of loss, sadness, longing....yearning....The end of the track has a melodic deep emotional part

Description: Journey into the stars, feelings of remoteness, being far away, timeless.

Description: Soul stirring composition with rising start perfect for a grand opening scene or moving reunion.

Description: Starting with deep notes, like a UFO approaching, with emotional undertones, lifting you and taking you on a journey into space, leaving Earth behind...

Description: Ambient floating composition, stirring spiritual and deep space thoughts.

Description: Oneness with all, a deep connection with life. Floating composition, deep space. Timeless.

Description: Powerful deep composition with strong spiritual undertones. It takes you on a remote journey....beyond the confines of our universe...inspiring and uplifting, soul-connecting...Used for public events

Description: Rhythmic, enchanting composition perfect for the background of video. Used in documentaries. Unique sound.

Description: Beautiful and powerful composition with uplifting and spiritual qualities. Angelic in nature. Perfect for an opening scene or impactful start.