Description: Quiet, hypnotic and relaxing track, with hints of melody entrusted to the piano on a striking background of synthesizers (and melodic strings in second part). For spiritual balance, meditation, yoga... and to find your serenity!

Description: This track is a carpet of atonal sounds, creating a misterious and mystical atmosphere. Perfect background for abstract, mystical, spatial pictures and videos.

Description: This cinematic track harmonises a cello with a carpet of atonal sounds, creating an atmosphere of mystery and mysticism. Perfect background for abstract, mystical, spatial pictures and videos

Description: Beats and psychedelic pulations, spatial atmosphere in this track. Great ambience. Suitable for all projects require an evocative and ethereal underscore.

Description: Slow and hypnotic track, with estranged, lunar atmospheres, Repetitive and reverbered percussion, sax and trumpet dominant. Strongly cinematic, ideal for video and particular multimedia projects.

Description: Track for solo piano, ethereal and dreamy. The soft geometry of the flight of a dragonfly is expressed in musical notes. Great elegance and atmosphere for delicate projects.

Description: Intimate and delicate oriental perfumes. Violin that stands on a gentle and relaxing carpet of sounds . Suitable for home video, documentaries, advertising and presentation

Description: Track full of peace and quiet, with dominant harp on a background of running water and synth. For therapy and to restore spiritual balance.

Description: Classical track for piano solo. Pure and essential lyricism. Suitable for those seeking intimacy, softness, rarefied atmosphere for projects, videos, background in public places.

Description: Delicate and classically melodic track for piano solo, veiled by a subtle melancholy. Elegant background in public places and answering machines.

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