Description: acoustic piano, ambient, film music, haunting.

Description: acoustic piano, ambient, film music, haunting.

Description: This SoundSet has a calming effect mainly generated through its melody and other components that recall nature sounds. Presentations that wish to whisk away its viewers to another realm and set them at ease would benefit from this piece.

Description: The jazzy piano, lazy horns and syncopated trumpets transport the listener to some old Mexican village beneath the blistering sun. Perfect for setting the right mood in a production, this tune taps the imagination and the senses.

Description: This easy laidback tune is driven by the guitar over a nice beat. Use it in productions that elicit confidence and progress.

Description: Underlying this relaxing and mellow sound is a nice groove that can play on without becoming monotonous. Several of the instruments, like the various piano timbres, provide the centered and light feeling. Any production involving beauty and illumination w.

Description: This jazzy tune is marked by the distinctive organ melody. It makes heavy use of keyboards. A laidback and aloof mood pervades the sound and is accented through the piano solo in the middle section. The overall effect is neutral, making it an idea candida.

Description: This tune has some elements of jazz and techno but portrays a particular mood of uncertainty. The Drums component gives it a lot of energy. Use this piece in presentations that require some energy that is more intelligent than the mainstream techno beats.

Description: This SoundSet may be perfect for a Halloween theme where mystery, fear, and power all come into play. The sound rises from silence and is joined by the timpani. The rhythm at first is slow but the piano adds a lot of tension when it comes in through its f.

Description: A strange, mesmerizing, and eerie mix of a child's music box and a funeral march comprise this tune. The entrancing effect is heightened with the constant drum hit and the drone of the piano and other instruments falling squarely on the beat. Use this Sou.