Description: Looped Ambient Drone, reversed piano, excellent for After Effects projects, Videos, Games, etc.

Description: Ambient looped music, uplifting for web music, flash intro, animation and web design.

Description: Dreamy and exotic Arabic Violin soundscape drenched in reverb and subtle delay. Very powerful, moving and deep it works magic in documentaries and movies but it works also for listening.

Description: Deep and powerful ambient piece with lotsa bells, synths, dark downtempo drums. Very emotional, yet triumphant and magnificent. Works well in various presentations. Have a listen and please don't forget to rate it if you like it.

Description: Romantic ballad, very emotional and contemporary, with lots of acoustic guitars, pianos and lush pads, glitched drums and synths and an unforgettable melody.

Description: Very slow, beautiful and melancholic chillout track featuring an extremely powerful and emotional guitar-viola dialogue. Jazz brushes, acoustic guitar, viola, flutes and Rhodes and many other goodies. Excellent for movie scoring, documentaries, and listening.

Description: Surreal Ambient masterpiece, mellow, deep and emotional, excellent for movie scoring, documentaries, trailers, AE projects, openings and of course.... meditation.

Description: Music Box melody, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and pads, excellent for romantic and melancholic scenes.

Description: Beautiful Ambient Piano Piece, melancholic and sad. works very well in various presentations, movie scores and listening

Description: Powerful, emotional and eclectic soundscape, excellent for movie soundtrack, documentaries, introspective feeds, listening and of course meditation.

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