Description: Spacious and slightly ethereal, "Ambient Lullaby" is a short, comforting track. Used a a lullaby or contemporary underscore for any dramatic moment, this odd, yet relaxing piece will enhance and deepen the emotions of your project.

Description: Lush and smooth, "Ivory" is a chill composition played on a grand piano. Perfect for source music in a lounge, lobby, or elevator. This is also great material to underscore any relaxed, intimate moment in your video.

Description: Tender and soft, "Angelic Requiem" is a gentle composition inspiring love, longing, and perhaps a hint of sadness. Featuring a children's choir, the lush harmonies of this piece will bring the emotional context of your project to a greater depth.

Description: Powerful but simple, “The Way Of The Dreamer” is an emotional epic track for all your motivational needs. Lay it under a corporate presentation, your end credits, or any introspective moment where you need a cinematic tug at the heart. With an understated feeling of victory, this light and rhythmic cue will enhance any sentimental scene in an action or romance flick.